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It’s strange to feel tiredness that resting doesn’t necessarily take away.What I don’t do, though is let it get in my way. It may slow me down, but it does not stop me. Part of taking this perspective on fatigue is a matter, for me, of recognizing there is so much that is wonderful in this life that I cannot let this waste my time. At the same time I know there are times when I just have to stop. There are times that have been more difficult than others.
A View From Within, Thaddeus Raushi, p 99-100

The things I used to do naturally, now demand a full conscious effort and intense concentration. This slows down everything I do. While I am in slow motion, time seems to pass faster than it ever did before. It is hard for me to keep up with the world’s new pace and it caused me great fatigue trying to stay in the present. I break projects down into small enough increments that I can actually complete something, one small step at a time. It is like taking baby steps, falling down and getting up again and again.
Don’t Bury Me, It Ain’t Over Yet, Charles Schneider, p. 52

Alice woke up on the couch. She'd been napping a lot lately, sometimes twice a day. While her attention and energy benefited greatly from the extra rest, reentry into the day was jarring.
Still Alice, Lisa Genova, p. 162