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A group of people with common experiences and concerns who provide emotional and moral support for one another.

Merriam-Webster, Definition: "Support Group"

The Toolkit Project offers the Dementia Support Group Facilitator information, resources, and the ability to network with each other. Each group facilitator comes with a wide variety of experiences, education, and comfort in running groups. Leading a support group, whether it be a group for people with dementia or a group for caregivers, is both rewarding and challenging. Whether you are new to running a group or have been doing so for many years, we have found that everyone needs support. We hope this website will be a valuable resource for all support group leaders to learn and grow in their practice.

The success of any support group lies with the skills of the group facilitator and the Toolkit Project wants to be a resource and national network for these invaluable people.

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Wait...I'm a Leader?

08 September 2020

I became a Memory Care Unit Director shortly after finishing grad school when I was in my mid 20’s. I was probably selected because I was relatively kind and had some experience with people living with dementia. I didn’t feel like a leader and wasn’t sure what I could share with staff who, in most cases, had many more years of experience.  I loved being with people who had dementia and finding ways to connect.

Resources for Your Support Group

Developed by the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center

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