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Reaching Group Members

When we surveyed Dementia Support Group Facilitators to prepare for the Toolkit Project, reaching members and maintaining members were some of the facilitators greatest concerns. 

Many of us have experienced the frustration of low or no attendance at a group.

Making sure you have created the framework for your group and thought about all the logistics will help in creating a product that has meaning to potential group members. People will not want to attend if the benefit is not clear. 

Depending on where you are holding your support group, you might need to work to reach group members. 

Suggestions include the following:

  • Work to develop relationships with people before the group begins
  • Begin to create an email list of people (or mailing list, if that works better for your group) and send out information when appropriate
  • Create marketing material that is well thought out and attractive
  • Advertise in newspapers, church bulletins, community centers, and facility newsletters
  • Send invitations
  • Partner with other organizations to increase reach
  • Call to personally invite
  • Use facility social media accounts