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Change in Abilities

Sometimes, especially when feeling quite capable and doing well, I even begin to tell myself that maybe all things are really normal. Maybe I’ve just become mentally lazy and just need to work harder in my thinking.
A View From Within, Thanddeus Raushi, p 21

Some days, some moments, and in some situations I do so well and feel so normal. Another day, another moment or situation I do not. It is such a strange, unpredictable, unnerving, frustration, irritating, dehumanizing, distressing, confidence-destroying phenomena, Have I made my point? In some ways this aspect of my mental behavior is the most difficult to accept; it impacts on how I feel about myself, how “normal” I feel.
A View From Within, Thaddeus Raushi, p 28

It is like there is a different me, a new “self” I must grow to know, because it’s the only one I’ve got.”
A View From Within, Thaddeus Raushi, p 29

I had to work hard at what had always been automatic, taken-for-granted thinking and behaviors on my part. This was not like me. These experiences certainly did not feel good and I hound myself not wanting to “go to work” each morning.
A View From Within, Thaddeus Raushi, p 55

She knew all of these places-this square had been her stomping ground for over twenty-five years-but they somehow didn't fit into a mental map that told her where she lived relative to them...Her heart began to race...People, cars, buses, and all kinds of unbearable noise rushed and wove around and past her. She closed her eyes...She opened her eyes. Just as suddenly as it has left her the landscape snapped snugly back into place...She began to breathe easier, no longer bizarrely lost within a mile of home. But she had been bizarrely lost within a mile of home.
Still Alice, Lisa Genova, p. 21-22

The battery in her brain was running low today. "Come on," she urged, wishing she could attach a couple of jumper cables to her head and give herself a good, strong zap. She didn't have time for Alzheimer's today. 
Still Alice, Lisa Genova, p. 95

She hated to think of how many minutes each day she spent looking for her own misplace things.
Still Alice, Lisa Genova, p. 206

She had the whole day in front of her with nothing to do....She sat in her living room armchair and tried to think of what to do. Nothing meaningful enough came to her. She tried to imagine tomorrow, next week, the coming winter. Nothing meaningful enough came to her. She felt bored, ignored and alienated in her living room armchair
Still Alice, Lisa Genova, p. 189 and 198

Alice knew that the young woman sitting across from her was her daughter, but she had a disturbing lack of confidence in this knowledge. 
Still Alice, Lisa Genova, p, 199